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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tann 2.3

Create a new blog entry using Blogger. How do you know what you know? Name one new thing you learned using a social media site today and explain why you believe it is true. What source did you use to acquire this information? At times, are social media sites reliable for obtaining credible information?

Everything that I learned I learned in school, on the streets, and with basic common sense. When I realized that the basic facts of school, like History, was BS due to topics of discussion with other learned people, I found books to read to learn the truth (Lincoln wasn't that interested in freeing slaves, as he was to give the South a big middle finger and say 'Hey jack asses we're going industrial not agricultural anymore'). One of the best things about my own personal education is that I do not have so much beliefs, as I have ideas. People die and kill for beliefs; just look at the Holy wars through out history, the fight against alternative lifestyles, racism, etc. Ideas? They can easily be adjusted to new facts. I'm an idea man.

Today I learned on Bleacher Report, the only bit of social media that I still use, that Lebron James is opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat and becoming a free agent on July 1st. Why do I believe this is true? Because its the biggest sports story in the world right now, after the World Cup. That and because LeBron James is an athlete and athletes will always go where they can make the most money. Sure he has made tons of money in Miami, but if he is on a winning team he can make more money.

I have always had some personal animosity toward LeBron James due to the fact that in this country we worship athletes. Before he was 18 he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, was given a $90,000 Hummer and had a multi million dollar endorsement deal with Nike. Do you know what I got when I turned 18? My high school diploma and a celebration dinner that consisted of my mother, my aunt, and myself. No one else could be bothered to show up. Yet, because LeBron (who was known as King James even as a teenager) can put a ball in a hoop and is tall he gets accolades for days. Never mind the janitors that we depend on to keep areas clean. Never mind the waitress that, because of our economy, can't even survive on tips anymore like they could twenty to thirty years ago. Let us also forget the cooks, the landscapers, and all of the people that keep our way of life established and consistent. This kid, because he can put a ball in a hoop can get the world given to him while the rest of us little people can suffer.

I learned that we are more interested in kissing the butt of athletes than solving our country's problems. People are going to bed hungry, courts are separating children from their fathers in divorce cases for no other reason than they're the father. People are manipulating and defrauding social welfare because they don't want to work. Our unemployment percentage in 2014 is 2% higher than it was in 2000; 6.3% ( compared to 4% (

But hey, let's worry more about an over privileged athlete getting what he wants, compared to the problems in the world.

I'm just saying.

  • New Media and Me

    What forms of new media do you use daily? How has new social media influenced your perspective of events? Are these positive or negative influences?
    First and foremost, my apologies for being late on this.

    With that being said, I tend to stay completely away from social media. I hate it. I, at first, was all about Myspace and Facebook, and even SpicePad; the adult version of Myspace. Its also where I found my ex wife, so its mostly likely to say that I hate SpicePad and social media with a passion. Sorry.

    As I was saying, I used to love being on Facebook. It was great to be able to talk to old friends, and connect with people. There were some fun games and it was nice to be able to compete with people in certain games. However it all began to get very old as time went on and it influenced me quite negatively. I got so sick and tired of people having these horrible days and throwing it for everyone in the world to see, especially when I was having a good day. I also got sick and tired of people posting their happy news when I was having a bad day. What can I say? When I'm in Eeyore mode, I don't want ANYONE to mess with it.

    Then there were the idiotic posts where people just can't seem to leave each other alone and agree to disagree respectfully. So, in the end, I realized that I hated social media. Throw in the fact that my ex wife and her latest idiot decided it would be awesome to stalk my Facebook and give me crap for doing Zumba, I realized that I needed Facebook like I needed a bleeding ulcer, my eyeball stabbed out with a spoon, or castrated by a fork.

    So you could say that my feelings toward Social Media are quite negative and I'm happy to be away from it. I even have the app for Bleacher, sports news, and I try to stay away from the comments section because people are idiots. All they do is trash talk each other and then get all offended, no one can just have an opposing viewpoint! So I watch these people bicker back and forth with text on the screen and really taking the time out of their day to get the last word in. Then, ironically, someone will say something about being the bigger person and attempt to be mature. Then the fight will continue and the digital junk waving takes a whole new turn with more people joining in. Reminds me of why I prefer to be left alone.

    Social media=voice of cretins.

    I'm just saying.