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Monday, July 7, 2014

Who Bothered to Spawn Kanye West? And For What Purpose?!

To steal a line from one of my favorite television shows, Aqua Teen Hunger Force;
"I've put two and two together there and decided you're pissing me of!"
Thanks Carl.

So on the Huffington Post, they discuss Kanye West at a show at the Wireless Festival in London England on July 4th of 2014. There is a direct video of Kanye's latest rant where he rips into the media and how the media gets overly involved in our lives and how the media makes us feel like we're less than we really are.

 Meanwhile, Mr. Kardashian's wife and her entire family pimp themselves on television shamelessly and have made millions doing so, starting with a sex tape. Glass houses homie. Glass houses.

It just goes to show that since the internet has come about, any idiot with a webcam and time to waste can make videos talking about anything and everything. And sure, they can have some good points. However, in the case of Kanye West, when you want to go on a rant about how the media acts realize who you have near you. Or, when he discusses about how he is a bad person, maybe he should stop trying to call himself a genius after using words like "dishumanized". Sorry "genius" man, but I don't think dishumanized is actually a word. As a matter of fact I know that its not because I see the red line telling me that I spelled something wrong.

The thing is, if Kanye West didn't try to set himself above everyone else as he has done in the past, then what he has had to say would actually mean something. It sounds very heartfelt and full of emotion. However, how often has Kanye West done all that he could to set himself apart everyone else as though he were better? Taylor Swift much? Sorry Kanye, your message has fallen on deaf ears.

Now granted, I'm some guy with heavy opinions and I am making a point of using a blog as a way to get a message across. But really, unless you're in my class, are you even reading what I'm saying? Do you even care about what I'm saying? Probably not. And I really don't give a damn about it because I don't care if people see or hear what I say. I tend to just type to get things out, not for attention. Even when I did my own video blog, it was about me getting things off my chest not about attention. Of course, I got some negative attention...thank you very much nosey ex-wife who has nothing to do like....GO TO WORK AND EARN A LIVING BUT INSTEAD INSISTS ON LIVING OFF OF WEL....I digress.

The point is, when you have a medium where you can just run of off at the mouth due to unrestricted web publishing, you will get a ton of dribble that does nothing to contribute to the world but show why the members of the United Federation of Planets refuses to let Earth into its club. This planet is slowly, but surely, being taken over by miscreants, cretins, and half wits who would probably be better off left to natural selection. In other words, if they were baby turtles struggling to get to the water from the beach, they'd be a seagull's dinner.

I warned you, if I can speak freely I wouldn't be very nice. I'm a mean man. :-)

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